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About Us

The rocking groove of our lead singer's smooth and sultry voice along with 2 hot screaming guitars, a smokin drummer, and a kickin bass will keep you dancing and begging for more. Final Approach is available for your next special event including parties, festivals, weddings, and corporate events. Click here to view our Setlist.

Meet The Band

Barb Decelles: VOCALS / GUITAR
Barb's job is to provide vocals and big attitude. She has years of experience in bands all over the midwest, studio session work, radio commericials, and tour back up vocals for national acts. Barb rocks it old school with EV 757's and Peavy Diamond mikes, an Azden wireless system, Ovations and Gibson Les Paul guitars.

Mike Harmann: BASS/VOCALS
I have been playing since I was a teenager. Self taught, I was influenced by rock legend Jimi Hendrix. I started playing bass because my mother wouldn't let me play drums. "They were too noisy." I played in several local bands and in 1973 joined Blood Money. They were a hit, broke up, formed SASS and opened for Sammy Hagar and and Meatloaf. In 2002 Kevin and I formed J.W. Booth and played for several years, disbanded and formed Final Approach. Final Approach has been together for several years now playing benefits, fund raisers, festivals, and local venues.

Steve Sustachek: GUITAR/VOCALS
I remember getting my first guitar around age 15 from my mom as a gift for making the track team at school. It didn't come to me real easy but I kept at it. Some of the earlier bands I was with include Stonewood, Zextar, Surje and Legacy. After a 2 year hiatus, I joined On Tap and Reflections, country and oldies bands. I also played in the hardrocking Roadhouse Ross & the Real Deal in the Milwaukee area. Some of my influences are Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ted Nugent, Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper and of course seeing the The Beatles on that memorable Sunday night in 1964. Yes, I'm that old. It's been great fun being involved with Final Approach and I hope we keep making good noise together for a long time.

I suppose it was my older sister's "45's" of the Beatles that caught my ear even before I saw them on the Ed Sullivan Show. My older brother played guitar in a folk trio and the vocal harmonies were amazing. But then, I knew I wanted to play. After learning on various hand me down instruments, I caught the itch at an early age. My first performance in front of an audience was my 6th grade graduation. Some of my earlier influences are the Beatles, Cream, Led Zepplin, and Deep Purple. Some of the bands I played in are The Fourth Reich, Trance, Legacy, Midnite Flyer, J.W. Booth, Second Look, and Sass. Finally the last 3 years with Final Approach have been like home.

Mark Grant: DRUMS
Mark has been playing the drums as long as he could hold a drumstick. He has never taken a lesson and can listen to a song once or twice and play it like he has been playing it his whole life. He has been in and out of bands since the late 70's. Married for 24 years to Kathy and has a son named Kyle. He is happy to be in a band with Steve and his brother, Kevin. Steve, Kevin, and Mark played together in Legacy in the early 80's. Mark will play the drums as long as he is walking! It is definitely what he enjoys doing.

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